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Booster Club


On behalf of the St. Hugo’s. Booster Club, welcome to the 2017-18 school year!

The Booster Club is made up of parents whose children participate in any CYO regulated athletics and activities.

The purpose of the Booster Club is to support our teams and coaches. We raise money through concessions and other special events and donate it, by request, to our teams. We buy supplies that provide long-term benefits to the programs.

Feel free to contact us at


girls basketball Thanksgiving champs
Athletic Director
  • Athletic Director's Roles & Responsibilities
  • Give all coaches information regarding CYO Coaches class and training’s: concussions & Protecting God’s Children training.
  • “Coordinates sports try-outs”. We do not have try-outs, but teams are cap at certain numbers per each coaches discretion.
  • Organizes all paperwork: permission slips, contracts, emergency forms, proof of insurance, medical forms, and fees.
  • Hands out/Collect all uniforms end of the season. Make sure all are washed and in good condition.
  • Identify and recruit coaches.
  • Coordinates game and practice schedules/ inform COACHES, office & website coordinator of schedule and any changes.
  • Secures referees, and pay referees at each event.
  • Secures all sports equipment at end of the season.
  • Acts as liaison between the Sports Boosters and the school office.
  • Enforces all rules and regulations of the Sports Program.
  • Communicates parents’ questions or concerns to the Sports Booster Club.
  • Give all sporting event dates to office for web page, calendar, and newsletter.
  • Promote sportsmanship among students, parents and coaches.